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Countdown to your Wedding Day Smile…


Looking best for your wedding day is always top priority.  Whether it’s finding the perfect dress or suit, getting the hairstylist and make-up artists or hitting the gym so you can feel the most confident on the big day, the list can be over whelming!

But our smiles play a huge role and having wedding photos to look back on where your smiles stands out is important too!

We have many patients come to us motivated by the upcoming Big Day asking us for help to improve their smiles!

So we decided to make a time line to help you get organised on what can be achieved to make your smile sparkle for the big day!

Under a month…

Ok, so you make have left it a bit last minute, but don’t worry, we can still help! We can book you in with our lovely hygienist who can remove stains, polish the teeth to make them shine and feel lovely! Teeth whitening is also a great treatment to make your teeth whiter and brighter and can be done in 2 weeks.

Cosmetic bonding can also be carried out where we bond the teeth with a special cosmetic white filling that can help repair broken or worn down edges of teeth and close small gaps between front teeth.

We can also replace discoloured crowns or silver fillings to high cosmetic finish tooth-coloured options.

Under 6 months…

Thanks to Invisalign we can provide teeth straightening in as little as 4-6months, depending on complexity.

We also provide fixed braces for more complex cases using our Quick Straight Teeth system with treatment time around 6 months.

Following treatment completion, we then provide Home Teeth Whitening and cosmetic bonding (if required) to maximise the brilliance of your new smile.

12 months or more…

Depending on the end result there are various treatment options. If more complex teeth straightening is required, this can be achieved with a longer time frame.

If there are missing teeth, especially within your smile line, we can provide definitive treatment options such as Dental Implants.

We also provide Smile Design and consider options such as Veneers to make your dream smile a reality.

Is there anything we don’t do?!?

Dr May can help you frame your new smile with her facial aesthetic skills. Whether it’s wrinkle reducing treatments for smoother skin, dermal fillers to shape and volumise the lips or a red carpet chemical peel, she is here to help you look your best for the special day!

Contact our reception team on 0207 1125353 and our knowledgeable reception team will be able to answer any questions and get you booked in!



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