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Prevention of dental disease forms a strong part of our ethos at Open Dental with our Dental Hygienist, Naila, an important member of our team. With the right advice and care implemented at the start of your dental care we know your dental  treatment will last much longer and serve you well throughout life.


A healthy, clean, white smile will also help you feel more confident and help guide you to better general health as well.

Dental Hygienist appointments at Open Dental Care in Islington
Dental Hygienist gum care at Open Dental in Islington, North London

Gum Health

Most adults experience some form of gum disease during their life and it varies from a mild gingivitis to a severe rapidly progressive periodontal disease which will lead to loss of teeth if left untreated.


Assessment of gum health is carried out both by our dentist and our dental hygienist. They will assess the current health of our gums and the past history and then decide on a plan for prevention. Everyone is different and our team will provide you with a personalised preventive plan to ensure your gums not only improve but stay that way.


You will be shown how to maintain your gum health between appointments and we will encourage you to follow the plan, adjusting it as necessary at further appointments.


Naila uses gentle techniques to suit you with the use of a sonic machine and hand instruments to provide an effective and thorough clean. She can also use the Airflow Polisher which can “jet wash” your teeth with a mixture of water and bicarbonate to really brighten and remove tough stains from your teeth.


We want to make you dental visit a relaxing experience so our hygiene room can provide mood lightening, noise cancelling headphones with entertainment such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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