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Spending time to diagnose your dental problems and understand your requirements is at the heart of everything we do. We want to nurture a relationship with you that will see you returning year on year for treatment and recommending our team to your friends and family.


Our Full Scan and Hygiene led care is different than most dental practices and one that results in great dental health for our patients. Add in the very best of technology with even a CT Scanner then you can feel confident that accurate diagnosis will allow you to choose treatment that will last and serve you well.


As part of our commitment to your dental health we offer affordable dental maintenance plans, for further information please follow this link.

Gum disease check at Open Dental Care in Islington North London
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Fullscan dental checkups at Open Dental Care in Islington London N7
SOPROCARE Fullscan dental checkup in Islington London N7

Oral Health Checkups

An Oral Health Assessment is so much more than checking your teeth – although that will happen too.


Your Oral Health Assessment will start with a full history and then examination of your jawline, neck and jaw joints. The examination of the inside of your mouth will involve a full scan of the lining of your mouth, cheeks, palate, tongue and throat to check for any early signs of mouth cancer.


We will carry out a full assessment of your gum health too, looking at the colour, do they bleed on probing, are there any gaps or pockets present between the tooth and gum? Loss of teeth via gum disease is still the largest reason for loss for most adults and is often the first area of treatment we will concentrate on.


Examination of teeth will include  FullScan with Soprocare® being the latest step forward in dental tests – we believe it is the most revolutionary decay scanning device since the dental x-ray. Chemical evidence of active decay show up as a fluorescent red areas – identifying real problems but ignoring harmless food stains.


From scans to images of cracks and tooth wear, though to electronic pulp tests and classical assessment techniques, we use every proven technique available. We also use ultra-low radiation digital x-rays to assess the health and quality of the bone and tissues around each of your teeth including the nerve inside.


Once we have carried out a full assessment and have all the information we will discuss our findings with you and discuss possible treatment options including pricings and time scales.

New Patient Assessments

At  a New Patient Assessment we will carry out the same as at the Oral Health Check  with FullScan but we will need to spend longer discussing your past dental care and of course your medical history. We will need to understand problems that you have encountered and how they were overcome.


It is often helpful to complete a Medical Health Questionnaire before you attend, this can be provided by our receptionist.


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Dental patient having a new patient assessment at Open Dentsal Care in Islington, North London

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