wrinkle reduction in Islington

Wrinkle Reduction in Islington

Rejuvenate your skin at Open Dental

Wrinkle relaxing therapy uses very small amounts of Botulinim Toxin to stop muscle activity and hence smooth out wrinkles. They are incredibly effective at rejuvenation and freshening up your facial skin.


Wrinkle relaxing therapies  can be used:


  • To smooth out forehead lines
  • Smooth out crows feet
  • Smooth out the Glabella area – between the eyebrows
  • To produce facial slimming and jaw reduction
  • To reduce jaw clenching and grinding
  • To reduce a gummy smile
Wrinkle Reduction for Men at Open Beauty in Islington North London

Wrinkle reduction for Men in Islington

Our wrinkle reduction treatments are also proving popular with our male clients, as are all our facial aesthetic treatments.


Dr May Abdulla will assess your skin and facial structure and offer solutions for you depending on what you are looking for.


We also treat excessive perspiration or hyperhidrosis which is another popular treatment for men.


Why not contact Open Beauty to discuss your possible treatments?

Eyebrow lift using BOTOX at Open Beauty in Islington, London N7

Eyebrow Lifts

Precision placed Botulinim Toxin (we use the brand BOTOX®) can give a subtle and temporary lift without the risks associated with surgery.


Our eybrow lift treatment using Botulinim Toxin takes a few minutes to perform and the results can last 3-4 months.


A non-surgical brow lift can help to elevate the brows and open the eyes, making you look more refreshed.


If you would like find out more about your suitability for a non surgical eyebrow lift using Botulinim Toxin please call us to discuss further.

Facial Aesthetics Treatments at Open Beauty in Islington London N7

Treatment Times

Wrinkle relaxing treatments are quick and easy to administer but the results are not instantaneous unlike dermal filler treatments. There has to be a period of time to allow the Botulinum Toxin to work.


Dr May usually expects the wrinkle reduction to start showing after 4 days with maximum effect at 2 weeks. We will review you at that point and if necessary perform a top up.


Most treatments will last from 3-6 months before you notice the wrinkles returning at which point you can return for a top up and re-treatment.

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