Dental treatment costs at Open Dental Care in Islington N7

Dental Treatment Fees

Paying for your dental treatment in Islington

After you have had an Oral Health Assessment we will discuss treatment options with you and dental treatment costs. You may require more time to make a decision about your treatment and we are happy for you to discuss this further with our Treatment Co-ordinator. We want you to be completely certain about your treatment decisions and understand the timescales and costs involved.


We may ask you to pay a deposit before some treatments and will always inform you of this before hand. We also ask that should you require to change appointments or need to cancel please give us at least a day’s notice so we can offer the appointment to another patient. If you don’t give enough notice you may be asked for a cancellation charge.

Open Dental Treatment Costs

Dental Hygiene + Advanced Scan checkups


Tooth Whitening and Deep Stain/Spot Removal


Root Canals


White Fillings, Inlays, Crowns – All Guaranteed


Orthodontics/Tooth straightening – payments can be made in 4 installments


Surgical Treatment – extraction, wisdom tooth removal, implants


Open Beauty Treatment Fees

Wrinkle Softening using Botulinum Toxin A

for forehead lines, frown lines and lines around the eyes


Dermal Fillers

for the treatment of facial lines, wrinkles and furrows. Also used for lip enhancement, chin and cheek augmentation and replace lost facial volume



Profhilo lies between a skin booster and filler, delivering hyaluronic acid precisely 3mm into the skin using a small syringe. The gel-like formula spreads beneath the skin, initiating collagen and elastin production for an immediate, smoother, and radiant skin texture, effectively reducing fine lines.


Nucleofill Soft Eyes

Beyond lifting, Nucleofill addresses the vital aspect of anti-oxidation. The incorporated polynucleotides play a crucial role in eliminating free radicals, enhancing antioxidant activity and fortifying the skin’s defense against oxidative stress. It’s a great treatment for fine lines around the eyes.


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