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Tooth Whitening in Islington

Brighten your smile with Enlighten Whitening

Individual tooth whitening or teeth whitening of all your teeth is a treatment we commonly do at Open Dental .We recommend that most people can have teeth whitening treatments, however, we must ensure you are dentally fit first. Untreated dental decay, for instance, will cause pain when having whitening so in that case some essential dental treatment must be completed before teeth whitening is done.


For this reason we will carry out a FullScan examination first and then when ready we will take moulds or impressions of your teeth so we can construct custom made whitening trays for you.i

How we whiten your teeth

Enlighten whitening trays are simple, accurate plastic moulds that the whitening gel fits in to. The gel has an active whitening ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, which is the only ingredient proven to whiten teeth. It is released in a safe, predictable way to ensure whitening with minimal discomfort and no damage to your gums.


Tooth Whitening can be used as a stand alone treatment or as part of a Smile Makeover when teeth may also be straightened, contoured or crowns replaced.


There are many causes of discolouration and our team will assess the cause of your discolouration. It can be from foods, drinks, general ageing or trauma and disease. Most people are suitable for Tooth Whitening, it is such a simple and effective way at improving the appearance of your teeth.

After the first teeth whitening sessions


If whitening is for you, as we find our clients in Islington and further from around London realise – you will become a regular. That means after the initial 14-21 days of whitening you will top up every 3 to 5 weeks once you have reached your desired shade with the top-ups being at most 3 nights of whitening to bring back the full glow of the original treatment.


We also recommend regular dental hygiene visits to maintain the dental health of your gums and aid the whiteness.

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