invisalign teeth straightening in islington

Why we love Invisalign…

Invisalign teeth straightening is one of our top rated treatments by our patients at Open Dental Care.

Dr Nasim and myself love the treatment too because its:

  • Discrete , almost invisible
  • Provides quick teeth straightening
  • Comfortable
  • Makes it easy to clean your teeth , eat and get on with daily activities

Invisalign clear brace teeth straightening at Open Dental Care in Islington London N7


invisalign teeth straightening in london n7

How does it work?

Invisalign is the market leader in developing their aligner system. We change the aligners every week, providing quick teeth straightening in as little as 14 weeks.  The system uses transparent removable aligners that gently move the teeth into position.


How often do you wear them?

The treatment works very effectively if you wear the for the maximum amount of time, so ideally only removing them when eating or cleaning. Everyone we have treated adapts very quickly and is quickly motivated when they see the fast results!

And after treatment….?

Well that’s down to you!  After you complete your treatment a Open Dental Care, we usually carry out whitening to maximise the brilliance of your smile. We can also carry out cosmetic bonding to shape the edges of teeth or contour them to create beautiful shaped teeth. The beauty of this treatment is that its non destructive and harmless to the enamel!

Invisalign can create the smile you always wanted and improve your confidence. It is well known that a person’s smile can have a great effect on self confidence and this will radiate through your personality.


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Dr May
Practice principle
Open dental Care


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