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Reduce excessive sweating with Sweatox

Excessive sweating, known as Hyperhidrosis can affect both men and women and can be an embarrassing problem which may force people to change their clothes frequently, limiting their social life and work life and affect their confidence.

This treatment helps to reduce excess sweating of the underarms. Tiny amounts of botulinum toxin are injected superficially in to the sweat glands. It is relatively pain free and takes ten minutes to perform.

Results last from 6-9 months. The aim is to help our clients feel less self-conscious, reducing clothing stains and body odour.

wrinkle reduction treatment in islington

Treatment Times

Sweatox or treatments for excessive sweating take around ten minutes to administer and recovery is immediate, you can return to work straight away. The botulinum toxin will start to take effect in the next few days with maximum results with a couple a of weeks.


Of course the results are reduced sweating and less embarrassment with increased comfort. Most treatments will last from 3-6 months before you notice the sweating returning at which point you can return for a top up and retreatment.

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