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When teeth have to be lost or you have missing teeth it is comforting to know that there are choices for replacement.


Replacement using dentures is still a very useful treatment when made well and with modern methods and materials. Sometimes patients think this is a poorer choice than bridges or implants but a well constructed denture can help restore not only missing teeth but help support the facial tissues and can take years of you.


Dentures can also be used as an interim treatment choice when awaiting healing of tissues following extraction of teeth before a bridge is fitted or dental implants are placed.

Dentures in islington

Traditional Removable Dentures

Traditional removable dentures can be used to replace anything form a single missing tooth to a full arch. They can be made of acrylic or a combination of acrylic and cobalt chrome to aid strength and retention with a metal framework.


We can even make dentures out of a flexible Valplast material that can also have a soft cushioned lining for extra comfort.


Dentures are made by our very skilled dental technicians in the dental laboratory to have great aesthetics and function.

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Dental Implant Retained Dentures

For patients who struggle to keep a full denture in place, usually because of lack of bone support, we can construct a full denture that “clicks” into place on two or four well placed implants in your jaw.


We would initially place the implants and then following a period of healing we then construct the dentures. This is a slightly different technique to the traditional method but the end result is a firm denture that is fixed in place but still removable for cleaning.


This is an excellent way to help give you more confidence when eating, chewing and talking with a firm denture fixed in place.

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