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Dental Restorations Islington

Repairing your smile with fillings, inlays & onlays

We have the most up to date materials and use the most up to date techniques at Open Dental. These are evidence based treatments that will serve you well and if maintained with our dental hygiene advice will serve you for many years.


Whichever material you require or technique will be discussed with you at your assessment appointment taking into account many factors including price, timings, the strength of your bite, your age and medical history to name a few.

Carisolv dental decay prevention in islington

White Dental Fillings using Carisolv & Sonic Fill

Teeth can be restored quite simply with white “composite” fillings, even built up to resemble a natural tooth. Modern day composites allow great strength combined with great aesthetics to allow us to be artists and produce beautiful restorations.


During preparation of your teeth we use Carisolv which is a specialised gel that dissolves only the damaged decayed tooth tissue and leaves the healthy part of the tooth intact. This way there is less need to use the “dental drill” leading to less complications such as irritating the nerve of your tooth.


At Open Dental Islington we use the latest award winning technology. SonicFill™ allows us to et a more precise, aesthetically pleasing restoration. The new filling material is ultrasonically vibrated into the tooth which prevents bubbles and gaps from forming. Besides getting a beautiful filling in a quicker amount of time it also minimises or completely eliminates sensitivity afterwards.


When a cavity is too large for a simple filling , we are able to use high strength ceramic restorations to restore such as Emax and LAVA zirconia onlays and crowns.

tooth repair in islington

Dental Inlays

If a cavity is very large or sides of the tooth are missing, an inlay may be our choice of restoration. This is made in our dental laboratory by our very skilled dental technicians.


We prepare the tooth and then take an impression of the tooth that is the transferred to our technician. The inlay is then fitted at a second appointment usually a week or two later.


Inlays will be made out of a porcelain based material called EMax or LAVA Zirconia which is far stronger than porcelain alone yet has the great aesthetics of porcelain.

tooth repair onlays in islington

Dental Onlays

Dental Onlays are made in much the same way as Dental Inlays and are used when we need to restore height of teeth, perhaps several are heavily worn down. Teeth are prepared and then impressions sent to our dental technician who constructs the onlay in the dental laboratory.


The onlay will then be cemented into place at a second appointment. This will resemble a natural tooth being made of an EMax ceramic or LAVA Zirconia for strength and aesthetics.

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