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Taking Care of our Dental Patients in Islington


When looking after patients and taking care of them most people would think we were talking about our dentistry and how we check your dental health and restore your teeth. You may be suprised to know it is so much more than that!

At Open Dental Care we are very proud of our decontamination protocols and how our sterilisation standards are considered to be “Best Practice”.  But what does all that mean we hear you say?

Whenever you attend for an appointment all the instruments we use for your care are either disposable after one use or have to be decontamination using our sterilisation protocols. We use “Best Practice” which means we reprocess instruments in the best possible methods to keep you and our staff safe and healthy.

What is “Best Practice”?

Best practice ensures that the sterilisation process takes place in a separate stand alone decontamination room/area and that instruments go through several stages in the process.

Pre sterilisation room at Open Dental Care, dentist in Islington
Clean sterilisation room at Open Dental Care, dentist in Islington


  1. They are cleansed in the “Dirty Pre Sterilisation Room” by cleaning in an automated Washer Disinfector – this looks a little like a dishwasher but it uses water at a very high and consistent temperature to cleanse all the debris off the instruments.
  2. The instruments are then inspected under illuminated magnification before being inserted into an
  3. Autoclave. This is a machine that has high temperatures under pressure and ensures that all known bacteria, viruses and fungi are killed in the process
  4. The instruments are then removed once the cycle is finished and then dried and bagged.
  5. These bagged instruments are then stored in date order so the instruments are rotated and used as required.


Our Sterilisation Suite is one of the best in the country with very few practices having a dedicated space for decontamination let alone two rooms allocated for this purpose alone.

What else do we do to keep you safe?

Well we keep up to date with our sterilisation protocols and audit our processes regularly plus participate in team training so that everyone understands what is expected of them, We also have regular health checks ourselves ensuring all our staff have up to date vaccinations for Hepatitis B, Rubella, TB etc to name a few.

Open Dental Care Waiting room at Islington Dentist

We also take a pride in our surroundings and keep it exceedingly clean with no clutter and debris. All this is to help you feel confident in your choice of dental provider to show you we care that you receive the best possible treatment in the best clinical environment possible.

Looking after you is so much more than repairing your smile. Next time you’re in why not take the time to ask about our sterilisation protocols and have a look for yourself?

We look forward to welcoming you to Open Dental Care in Islington N7 very soon,

Best wishes

Dr May Abdulla & Dr Nasim Mechoui



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