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Dental Implant Clinic

Replace missing teeth at Open Dental in Islington

When a tooth or teeth are missing or need to be replaced one choice can be by using dental implants.


A dental implant is a small rod, usually made of titanium that is inserted into the bone of your jaw under a local anaesthetic then left for a period of time to mesh or “osseo-integrate” with the bone.


After a period of time, usually 3-4 months the implant is uncovered and then used to support a crown or bridge like structure or even a full denture.


Once the implants are restored our dental hygienist will demonstrate how you should maintain the dental implants at home. They need cleansing in the same way teeth and gums do to ensure their longevity.

Straumann® Dental Implants in Islington

Our dental implant surgeon Dr Christian Lalli uses Straumann® dental implants which are renowned for their exceptional quality & reliability.


The Straumann® system is one of the most extensively scientifically documented implant systems in the world, comprising surgical implants and prosthetic components that connect the implant with the crown of the replacement tooth.

CBCT Scanning

As part of the assessment for your dental implants we will take a CBCT Scan of your supporting bone. This allows us a 3 dimensional image of the bone so aiding planning of implant placement.


Our Implant Surgeon uses the best materials and implants available, preferring Straumann Dental Implants, due to their excellent record and evidence based results.


We are also able to accept referrals for Dental Implants and CBCT Scans from other dental practices.


Please visit our CBCT Referral Page for further information on scan referrals.

Dental CBCT Scanner at Open Dental Care in In Islington North London

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