dental bridges in islington

Dental Bridges in Islington

Bridging those gaps at Open Dental

When a tooth is missing or needs to be removed it can be replaced by using a dental bridge. A bridge is a permanent replacement for the missing tooth, that is, once in place it is not removable for cleansing but has to be made cleansible and designed with gum health in mind.


Dental bridges are designed by your dentist and then constructed in the dental laboratory by our skilled dental technician. Once constructed your dentist will cement the bridge into place at a further appointment.

dental bridges clinic islington

Dental Bridges

Bridges can be several different designs but generally we will use one of two types.


The first is a fixed bridge which is used when there are teeth either side of the gap that are already crowned. Our dental technician then constructs a framework which is then covered in porcelain for aesthetics and shaped to look like three separate teeth. The bridge is then cemented into place at a further appointment.


The second type of bridge we tend to use is a “sticky” or Maryland bridge. This is an example of Minimum Invasive Dentistry where we limit the amount of tooth that is removed for the restoration. This is far preferable when we have teeth either side of the gap that have not had any previous work carried out on them or perhaps smaller restorations.

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