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Dental Root Canal in Islington

Endodontic treatments to relieve pain and save teeth

When a tooth is badly broken down or abscessed the nerve or the inside of the tooth may be exposed. This is usually painful and the tooth has to be extracted or root canal treated. With improvements in technology we are now able to root treat most teeth successfully hence retaining them.


Root canal treatment used to be very unpredictable and that was occasionally due to poor diagnosis, we are fortunate to also have a CBCT Scanner that delivers a three dimensional image of your dental tissues. This is extremely useful in more difficult root canal cases and aids us in diagnosis.


Sometimes though it is not possible to save a tooth and it must be removed. In these circumstances we will discuss all the options with you before hand.

root canal in islington

What is Dental Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment involves removing the central part of the tooth, the pulp which encompasses the nerve and blood supply of your tooth. We use special rotary instruments to cleanse the inside of the tooth and disinfect the canal ensuring no regrowth of bacteria.


Once the canal is clean, clear and shaped we will seal the canal with a soft warm material, gutta percha, that hardens when cool. From there we will restore the tooth to previous form and function usually with a crown or an inlay for maximum strength.

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