Quick straight teeth straightening in Islington London N7

Quick Straight Teeth

Fast cosmetic tooth alignment in Islington

Quick Straight Teeth is an orthodontic or tooth straightening system that only aligns the cosmetic, smiling front 6 or 8 teeth. We are trying to change the way your biting teeth fit together, hence this treatment can be very quick indeed.


Quick Straight Teeth has a clear teeth straightening system that has been developed to be a quick, discreet and very cost effective alternative for patients not wanting traditional braces.


Minimal forces are applied to your teeth and so our patients do not experience the discomfort associated with traditional orthodontic systems. Unlike other braces available in the UK, Quick Straight Teeth does not rely on one standard aligner. They have developed a range of unique Q Appliances consisting of five highly developed teeth straightening appliances.


It is usual to complete a course of tooth straightening with a whitening treatment and some final contouring of teeth to perfect your smile. This may include additions of small amounts of composite bonded on to your tooth to provide our ever popular Minimally Invasive Smile Makeovers.

Speak to a member of  the Open Dental team on 020 7112 5353 for more information on QST fast cosmetic straightening treatments.

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